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Introducing Igbo Community Association of Arizona, Inc.

The Igbo people take great pride in their extensive traditions, customs, and practices. The Igbo Community Association of Arizona Inc. (ICAA) has worked hard over the years to protect these aspects of our lives that our ancestors respected and valued. The entire community of our people, the members, and everyone who aspires to the same thing works together and diligently to preserve this distinctive culture not only for ourselves but also for the coming generations.

We are proud to be a unique group of indigenous people in the South-East region of Nigeria, and we want to share the ways of our people with the rest of the world through charity works.

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We Are Committed Mission Statement

The mission of ICAA is to foster unity and support the well-being of Igbo people living in Arizona as well as promote cooperation between the Igbo people and other ethnic nationalities.

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