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What is the name of the program?

ICAA Group Benefits Life Insurance.

What is the name of the Insurer?

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company otherwise called MetLife.

Address: P.O. Box 804466, Kansas City, Missouri 64180 – 4466. Tel: 1-800-275-4638

What is the type of insurance policy available to ICAA members?

Group Benefits Life insurance with one Group Policy Number: KM05973121 0001.

What Plan of the life insurance program does ICAA have?

Plan A.

What is the Life Insurance Coverage amount?


What is the premium?

Group: $260.64 per annum
Individual: $130.22 per annum
Individual: $8.62 per month

What does the Life insurance cover?

Life, Accidental Death, & Disability (AD&D, Life).

When is the annual enrollment date?

November of every year.

Do I still qualify after November of every year?


Who can enroll?

Any ICAA member in good standing – financially up to date, regularly attends meeting, and participates actively.

When can a new member who joins ICAA enroll?

A new member can enroll immediately if the member fulfills the constitutional requirements.

Where do I make my payment?

I am an old member of ICAA (or new member) in good standing and I want to enroll, how do I register and what paperwork do I need to complete?

  • Call the Financial secretary for clearance.
  • Once you have been cleared, call the Chairman of the ICAA Group Benefits Life Insurance Program on 602-575-8356.
  • You submit your legal name, date of birth, and Social Security Number.
  • You will fill out the ICAA Insurance Member Beneficiary designation form obtained from the ICAA Insurance Chairman.

What happens when there is a qualifying event?

Your beneficiary/beneficiaries will receive a call from the Chairman of the ICAA Group Benefits Life Insurance after consultation with the ICAA President within 3 days of the event regarding the benefit.

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